About Us

We are a travel agency specializing in inbound and outbound tourism created to offer exciting and new experiences that meet the needs of travelers visiting Colombia and different destinations in the world.

 We have designed our spectacular tours by Colombia: Special excursions to the main destinations and visiting points of interest according to the tastes and needs of our client.

In addition to cater to all types of public and private business in their itineraries and events in Colombia company, we have a department of corporate tourism and meetings that understands and guarantees our business customers experience and expertise in the care of your requirements.


Provide the best service in order to achieve full customer satisfaction with our tour packages at affordable prices for families in Colombia, and foreigners wishing to enjoy meeting the wonders of our country. In addition to providing the best advice and detailed so that our passengers can have a comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable service.


In 2019 GRUPO FIESTA MAYORISTA be consolidated as one of the most important in the region and the country, providing quality service as usual agency, and will have strategic alliances that will strengthen the regional market breaking barriers and achieving significant tourism development meetings and adventure, contributing to the growth of the economy in Colombia.